I am writing this article about sexual harassment as the Honourable Janet Napio, Member of Parliament from Zambia Municipality but if in the course of this article, the bad gyal from Kamwokya, Ms Jan Naps shows up with her cropped top and Brazilian weave and starts dropping inciting lyrical lines and gyrating on this platform, please gag her. We cannot have her showing up just like that and singing sense into your heads. Musicians are not supposed to make sense. That would disrupt our society as we know it because of their cultic following. I will now commence my sexual harassment speech.
Dear brethren, society is an unfunny joke much like those made by masquerading comedians and clueless musicians like Miss Naps.

After the punch line, the only change in the audience’s facial expressions is stifled yawns.

Sometimes it seems as if we are all part of a huge Broadway performance where we have and continue to perfect the art of playing pretend.

Take for instance the story about the lecherous Harvey Weinstein.

It is good to know that his victims are speaking out about him and the media is now calling him ‘the fallen Hollywood executive’ but let us not sit here and pretend that this is news, and pretend to be horrified and shocked at this plethora of lewd turn of events.
Yes, it is good to speak out about the evils in society but as we do, how about a feeble attempt at being honest with ourselves, acknowledge that the sad state of affairs is in fact our doing.
Our doing, because we let it go on for so long without saying anything that it has become normal.

Pick a street and walk down it and eight out of 10 times, you will have lewd comments fighting for your attention or work in a number of places and you will sure enough find Weinstein’s black cousin leering and grabbing whoever they can. And then a goat will stand up and say; “It’s your fault! Why were you walking there, use a taxi next time or dress ‘properly’ next time.”
I have even seen some ‘Harveys’ also expressing shock and disgust at Weinstein. I wonder whether the shock is because they thought this forte was exclusive to them and that Weinstein is stealing their shine or that he was caught and is making them look ‘bad’.