Aride on Makerere Hill Road between Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road and Wandegeya centre will show four sets of traffic lights, each at the various junctions. It is a small but very busy stretch.
Traffic on that road during peak hours is a menace.

This is why the erection of the traffic lights on that road, in a project by Kampala Infrastructural and Institutional Development Project (KIIDP – 2) to expand the road and place more traffic lights, is welcome.

A few days ago, according to the article that ran on September 29, in the Daily Monitor, titled ‘New traffic lights easing jam in the city’, motorists and traffic police are happy with the lights that are on Kira Road in Bukoto, as well as those on Yusuf Lule Road near Fairway Hotel.
A taxi driver, Frank Ssemakula, pleased about the traffic lights in Bukoto, says: “These new traffic lights at Kabira have really helped the majority of us the motorists.

It used to be a tug-of-war crossing that stretch as cars would get stuck in the jam.”

Even Mr Charles Sebambulidde, the spokesperson of the Kampala Metropolitan Traffic, says the new traffic lights have reduced congestion.
There is no doubt that construction of the new traffic lights and improving of the roads in the main city junctions will ease traffic, especially during the peak hours.
Nearly a year ago, this very section of the paper wrote about the need to improve the traffic flow in the city.

It called for better drainage and widening of the roads, as well as for more traffic lights to be put up at busy intersections.

It is, therefore, pleasant to see that some of these projects, which were likely on the plan for years, are actually taking off.

The results are immediate. The Kampala Capital City Authority should therefore be applauded for this work and be encouraged to see to it that the works of KIIDP-2 are completed and on time.
Away from more traffic lights and wider roads, more needs to be done, and this is where the traffic police should come in.

Errant drivers and boda boda riders should be put to book.

Those who flout traffic rules, drive on pavements, create fourth and fifth lanes where there is none, jump the traffic lights and so on, should know that the law bites when you go astray.
Once traffic flow is improved, police should now turn their guns on these people and see to it that they observe traffic rules and regulations. At the end of the day, we all benefit from it.