Looking for sunglasses to wear now? You either have to go big or just head home this season. Oversized sunglasses are probably the hottest eyewear trend right now. They are a complete fashion statement, thanks to their giant designs going all the way to the cheek bones. With these sunglasses, you will surely cover up for the minimalism of your makeup, supposing you are wearing subtle or none.
Oversized sunglasses come in a number of shapes such as rectangular, cat eye, aviator and even other geometric shapes. They come with a number of colour shades and frames to suit your varying preferences.

They also come with interesting detail such as floral embellishments, glitter, spikes, double wires and more. Although the coolest ones are those with clean clear glasses. Interestingly, this trend has little to do with sun protection, but a lot to do with style.

How big is big?
Traditionally, oversized sunglasses are supposed to be larger than the ordinary eyewear in terms of shape, size and frame thickness. Some of them are so large, they go all the way to the cheeks. However, it is up to you to choose what fits your personal style. If they overwhelm your face, choose something more understated.

Who should wear them?
Everyone is out to look good, and attract a bit of attention in the process. A number of celebrities are embracing the trend already, so the sunglasses are really trendy. The oversized shape draws attention away from a ‘bug eyed’ face supposing you have one. The secret is in getting those frames that compliment your personal style and face shape.