Most people claim it is better to have a pretty face than a heavy wallet but truth be told, in order to maintain that beautiful face, you need a heavy wallet or else you will age faster than all your rich peers.

Loving money does not mean someone is materialistic or a gold digger as most people claim but we are living in a world where everyone is striving to live a comfortable life. Having a head turning, gorgeous spouse who cannot put food on the table is as frustrating as having a Rolex watch with dead batteries; you can pose with it but it is of no value to you.

John had to witness his longtime girlfriend married off to a rich Hajj. He was older and richer; Beth’s dad needed a kidney transplant, a bill that was expensive for the family to foot.

And Hajj had promised to take care of the medical bills in exchange for Beth’s hand in marriage. No matter how much Beth and her family insisted, the rich man won in the end. And just like that, she was married off to the highest bidder as her poor boyfriend was left cursing and sulking.

Beth had hope that John would fight for her but what could the poor chap do in such a sensitive incident? It was selfish of him to lecture her into turning down the old man’s marriage proposal because her father was at the verge of death and perhaps she would have blamed herself for his death. So yes, the two lovebirds had no better solution to help Beth’s father. This was an issue of finances and not mere love stories.

John hustled on like any other ambitious man and luck favoured him. Three years down the road, he came back for Beth and was ready to payback every penny that hajj had spent on her family but unfortunately, Beth had allegedly been arrested on attempts of trying to poison the hajj and was jailed. Her family was too poor to get her a good lawyer and with hajj’s financial and political stand, they could not stand a chance at justice.

But with the strength of a heavy wallet, John was able to get her a better lawyer and she was out of prison in no time. Is there a place for an empty wallet in this society? No. If your wallet is not heavy enough, even your beautiful spouse might be taken away by the ‘rich and famous’ of this world.

A pretty face has its advantages but if it was not for Beth’s gorgeous face, the Hajj would not have come in to save the father after all. So, yes the pretty face can bring you all sorts of people but no matter how much we convince ourselves that love and money are not related, they cannot live without each other.

So if you want to get and keep a beautiful spouse, you better get off your lazy legs and strive because in the end a beautiful face with a moody wallet will only earn you the title, ‘beautiful but unlucky’.