Creativity gives a home a unique look. Turning blocks which are known to be very strong and suitable for building into works of art around the home can be satisfying.They may be quite hard to assemble in order to have a beautiful setup so an expert’s help may be required.
Boniface Wanja, the executive director at Bonre Consultancy Parlour, says blocks are very suitable for outdoor space since they are water resistant and their material and appearance suits it but you can also use them for indoor space depending on your home’s theme.

According to Bashir Masembe, an Interior designer at Nomaro interiors, you can make a bed base just by laying out your blocks, and placing a piece of plywood on top to rest the mattress on. These could be painted to match your room, and you create storage in the blocks holes
“If you are to make something good, you need to assemble them to suit the size of the mattress. You can paint the blocks to match the colours of your bedroom or create a look that best suits your style,” says Masembe.
He adds that with blocks you can also create a perfect headboard. Paint the blocks with a colour of your choice or have patterns drawn on them you can carefully arrange them at the front of your bed.

Storage stacks
This is the most obvious way to create some storage shelves in your home without any wooden shelves in between. Simply stack the blocks however you want and then fill the gaps. You could also paint the blocks if you are not a fan of gray and prefer a pop of colour.

Entertainment centre
The ideal TV stand can sometimes be difficult to find depending on how much space you need and how much space you actually have. “I love this idea of easily constructing one yourself so that you have space for everything you need (DVDs, game consoles, games, speakers among other items.). The black shelves give it a classier feel, and if it were me, I’d paint the blocks so that it looks less industrial.

The blocks can be arranged to make a dining table that is strong and durable.

Work desk
This is an ideal desk for all you minimalists out there. It is also really quick and easy to make: you just need four blocks and a wooden board. The gaps in the blocks can act as drawers, or you can find some pretty decorative pieces to keep there.

Shelving unit
You do not have to use a lot of money for an appealing and functional shelving unit; a few blocks and some wooden board is really all you need. You also just need two materials, nails and glue.

Masembe says patio seats made out of blocks are more suitable for outdoors11 because of their bulky nature they may be likely to occupy too much space in the house.
He adds that some people may make seats using only blocks while others may opt to make use of both wood and the blocks.

Other ways

Flower beds
Wanja says if you are to use flower beds, then they have to be well arranged and filled. Plants or flowers can be placed in them just like a normal flower garden.The only difference with this is that there will be some colour and uniformity added by the blocks.
He says the blocks can be placed either at the back or front yard of the house then indoors you can place them at the corners because that is where they look best.
“These are less space consuming and can be placed at any space of the home as long as the owner deems it fit to be positioned there. There are no limits because you can even have them in your house because they are neat and will not dirty the house,” says Wanja.