There is always that unease when you encounter her father for the first time. If it has been planned, like when she says ‘‘hey, we are having this get together this weekend, please come over”, then you have some time to prepare mentally, and even the option to refuse to show up. But when the meeting happens abruptly, like suddenly the man is right there in front of you, giving you this frown, and she says that is in fact her father, then you have to make the best of the situation. Not that I have anything to hide, no sir, but there is that polarity when you look into his eyes and clearly see, “if you break my little girl’s heart, I will rip your heart out and eat it”. Then when he is sure you have got the message, he leaves you alone mostly. Now that is the nice one, you simply infer the threat from the light frown, and the tension emanating from him.
The bad ones, the really mean ones, look at you and size you up. He doesn’t say anything, even returning your greeting with a grunt.

For several minutes, he is staring you down, as if daring you to bolt so he can run you down like the common thug you are; all for daring to date his precious little girl. This type never talks to you. He is always watching you like a predator stalking its prey.
Still, even this type of Dad is okay by my standards, because there is a meaner type.

And this one, like the best predators, lulls you into a false sense of security. He makes you believe everything is good, you are on the same side and that he is happy that you are dating his daughter. He will ask you about every small detail of your life, make you feel at home and laugh out loud at your jokes. For sometime, you will forget that he is your girlfriend’s father, and not your best friend. Naturally, you will let your guard down. You will even wonder why your girl seems apprehensive.
Even when she tells you that her father is toying with you, you will think she is joking. That is until some things start not adding up.

The next time you run into him, say in town, he looks at you so coldly, you feel the shivers down your spine. And the reality dawns on you; this is a cold, cold man with a sadistic streak.
The laughter never reaches his eyes. You even start wondering if he did not poison the drink he offered you. He would stop at nothing to see you utterly destroyed if his daughter even whimpered that you had some issues in the relationship. In fact, he might have already told his girl never to see you again; that you are a worthless spineless rat that talks too much drinks too much and will never amount to anything. So, when you run into him in town, he looks at you like he has stepped on some annoying piece of gum someone left on the floor. And you are shocked by the coldness, you cannot believe that this is the same man you were ready to call Father-in-law.
That in fact, when you drank and joked away with him, you called him ‘dad’ several times. You extend your hand in greeting; he glances at you and walks off. You call her to ask what happened and she tells you ‘but i told you he is like that. Anyway, do not mind him’. But you cannot get him off your mind because now you fear for your life. Suddenly, you start to wonder if that is the right girl for you after all; because you are a coward, yes.