Not all beds need to have a head board. However, If you are considering having one made, do not stick to only the imported ones. You can still have the headboard of your choice by either having one made or by making one yourself.
Jacky Biira, an interior designer at Spaces by Jacklyn, says the kind of headboard you choose adds character to the bedroom. It also provides that space to pop up a pillow and relax while catching up with your favourite movie or book.
With the recent changing trends however, where most people prefer to relax in the sitting room, most people are creating headboards simply for the beauty they add to the bedroom. The types vary as follows;

High headboards
Biira says these come in wood or leather covers. Their height balances out the room and leaves less bare wall above the bed making the room less boring.
“Don’t limit yourself to only leather and wood. Use other materials to make the headboard of your bed higher. This effect can be achieved using ropes and stickers that are placed strategically to look like a headboard,” Biira says.

Biira says a tapestry may not actually be a headboard but can act as one when hung over the front side of the bed. A tapestry is a rug that is hung to give the house an appealing look.
“Choose the tapestry to use carefully as it may end up over shadowing other accessories in the room. In Uganda, the best option may be African fabric,” Biira advises.
Biira says frames may be art pieces and photo frames, among others. These should be many and well arranged to cover the wall.
Alternatively, a large frame can do because it will save the person the burden of buying many or even making design mistakes when arranging the frames.

Dependent materials
According to Isabel Odida, an interior designer at Miss Odida, old materials such as doors, windows, tables, and steel grills can be used as well. These can only work as headboards when refurbished to suit the bedroom.
Odida says through creativity, one should add beauty to the materials by, for example, adding lighting appliances that can act as bedside lights or bedroom light.

According to Odida, look for colours and prints that don’t have an abvious similar look to a carpet.
She says these headboards may not be long-lasting but because they are less costly, can be changed and the room will always have a fresh look.

Wall paper
Youseff Mongne, a manager and interior designer at Daffur Company, says wallpaper can be used as a headboard as long as it is put artfully on the wall of the bedroom.
He says for effect, place the wallpaper on one side of the wall and leave the other walls bare.

Eric Muwonge. an interior designer, says these are the warmest and most comfortable headboards. He, however, cautions on choosing the right fabric. Soft fabric may be ideal since it has to compliment the sponge. Do not ignore the colour of the headboard since it has to match other items in the room.
Eric says ropes are usually put on metallic headboards that have spaces in between. Colour the ropes so that they don’t look ordinary or even lack the soft touch of art. With this you will have a unique headboard that acts as an art piece as well.

A headboard features a minimal design that takes up very little room space. It has the unique ability to make a small room look bigger. Headboards are designed to be thinner, easily movable and less bulky for a light, clean look.
A little known fact is that a bed that uses just a headboard allows comforts that a typical bed frame cannot. The first feature is that a foot board won’t get in the way at night; particularly tall people that have a tendency to kick the headboard at night.