Men who cannot control their libido surely have problems that go beyond being tempted by a woman dressed in provocative attire. Whereas it is biologically understandable for a man to start fidgeting after seeing a woman dressed skimpily, it’s also within a man’s power to control his emotional rage.
That’s the mark of a man of substance. That means we surely should not be bothering ourselves with men who cannot control themselves and in so doing inconvenience women who want to feel comfy showing some flesh. It is the deviant conduct of weak men that should be in issue not the tempting nature of the woman’s dress.
Ivan Okuda

Shouldn’t the real question be; “Why are women dressing inappropriately to work?” or maybe that is not important? Anyway, first, let us get a couple of things straight: yes, guys are the visual gender, but factually, they do not see women nearly as critically as you think. It is fellow women that see all these tummy tucks and wish they were firmer so the top could fit.. blah blah.
A guy will see a woman that he is crazy about and none of these things matter. This notion that men are weak, and that women should wear maxi outfits and whatnot…understand that some offices have a ‘dress code’, and if you happen to work there, then dress up appropriately! I do not understand why one would turn around and blame men for how they should feel when they choose to dress a certain way. This is your SELF esteem! No one has better control than yourself.
If you choose to dress inappropriately, that is entirely on you. But now you are inconveniencing everybody else, both male or female.
Understand that you can remain sassy, elegant and yet still maintaining an air of femininity when you dress appropriately. Any messages any man might read into your maxi outfit can be superseded with a smile, an inner glow and poise that says,
‘I do not really care what you think, I love my maxi outfit.’
Andrew Wallace

Perhaps another question is ‘what is inappropriate dressing for work?’ If a man showed up in a vest, his muscles bulging, would it be considered inappropriate and distracting to other workers especially the females?
Yes, men are visual creatures but this should not be the reason for emphasizing appropriate dress code. Rather, it should be determined by the kind of work, and the workplace. A waitress or bar attendant might be required to wear ‘party clothes’, to put clients in a party mood so as to spend more. In a bank, formal dress might be the appropriate. There is nothing like mini or maxi, just set your workplace standards and leave the rest to put out their own fires.
Eugene Mugisha
This ‘dress-code’ question is complicated. I think we all know inappropriate when we see it. I do not think people should be policed for how they dress, especially by horny men who use it as an excuse for their excesses. The funny thing is that men will cat-call a young girl in a school uniform so maybe it is not even really related to how someone dresses.
However, I think that office/professional spaces need to remain so. And I am sure at the back of our minds, we know which clothes are appropriate for office and which ones are for partying. When we start confusing the two, we give stupid people the excuses they need to get away with sexual harassment.