This traditional two-bedroom home is perfect for a first home or as an additional guest house for a bigger home. Simon Peter Kazibwe, an architect at based Royal Architects and Engineers, says this plan is preferred by young couples intent on getting out of rentals into their own homes in the shortest time possible.
There are a number of advantages of finishing a home on time, one of the biggest being significant reduction in the overall cost of construction.
Rashid Senyonjo, an associate architect at Hil-Consult project managers and planners, states that when construction drags on, the client gets to incur unexpected expenses in form of price fluctuation in construction materials and labour.
“The construction industry has a lot of price fluctuations. If a bag of cement costs Shs30,000, it is unlikely to cost the same six months later. Every extra month therefore brings with it a likelihood of such increments,” says Senyonjo.

Unique features
This two-bedroom house is designed for a secure place that does not require a perimeter wall or fence. Bearing this in mind, the verandah (porch) is placed at the back. “The family can still get to enjoy the porch without worrying about lack of privacy,” explains Kazibwe.
The house has two bedrooms with a self-contained master bedroom, general bathroom, a kitchen, store, living and dining room.
Kazibwe puts the overall budget at Shs35m if one is building outside Kampala and Shs44m in Kampala. The budget includes all cost until the house is finished. It seats perfectly on a 50x50 feet plot of land but can be adjusted to fit a bigger plot.

Pros and cons
Like most starter homes, this plan is versatile and leaves room for future improvement. “For instance, the store can be converted into another bedroom at a later date when it becomes necessary,” says Kazibwe.
With everything so regular, the homeowner can focus on the landscape to add something extraordinary to the home. Wahab Mbabazi, a décor expert, recommends a mixture of well-groomed shrubbery, bold coloured flowers and plants.
“One of the practical ways to spruce up is to take advantage of plants that serve more than one purpose. Plant fruit trees such as oranges or apples, which will not only offer privacy from roving eyes but also offer an attractive backdrop and delicious fruit,” Mbabazi explains.
If mixed properly, trees and shrubs will give your front yard a delightful contrast and beautiful welcoming sight to your home.

Tips and tricks to enhance small spaces
Wahab Mbabazi, a decor expert, says with the wrong décor, a small house can feel incredibly tiny and suffocating. Here he gives tips on making a small space appear bigger;
• Choose light colors because a color that is light or cool helps trick the eye into thinking the space is larger than it is.
• For the finish, choose a gloss finish such as satin, eggshell, or semi-gloss which can actually help open up your small space.
Stick to monochromatic colors. Coordinate your wall paint and your furniture to fit this scheme because the continuity can help the room feel larger.
• If you want to have a more spacious feel to your room, paint the wall that is on the opposite side of the door a slightly darker shade of the color you use. This will make the wall appear to recede and add space.
• Adding stripes to the ceiling will make it appear higher than it is.
A bright white paint used as trim will help reflect the light into the room and add that feeling of space and openness.