Hearing her talk about how her boyfriend takes her for granted, the first question that runs through one’s mind is; why is she still with him? Because she is talking in present tense, so that means she is still with him, right? Otherwise, she would not use statements such as, “he replies to my text like after six hours, and it is just a simple “ok”, like I had written all that to get just “two letters” from him.
But she is still talking. She is telling her friend, who listens with a kind of wild rupture on her face that her boyfriend, the unfeeling brute who ‘most of the time acts like he is a piece of rock’, then suddenly calls and wants to see her. Just like that. After ignoring her messages the entire day, with only an ‘okay’ to show he is even alive. ‘And yet, I could see he was online several times hmmm. And the way he asks if we can meet, it is not even asking it is as if DEMANDING. ‘Hey babe, what are you doing at 6? Let me come pick you up we go for for coffee, maybe’. You know, in that instant, I feel like telling him to go back to all those things that have been keeping him busy, and have his b**** coffee with them. But I’m not that kind of person, and I do not like being nasty on phone. And I’m not doing anything anyway at 6, so I say ‘okay’, just the same way he also responds to me.’ And here, the two girls laugh out loud and long, as if they had just uncovered the funniest thing in the whole world. Then she continues; so, he says ‘perfect’, in that self-righteous way of his and without even asking if I had other plans, he hangs up. And of course he is not going to text or call until evening when he calls to tell me he is coming to pick me up. He is not even calling to check on me, no, he is calling to make sure I’m still at home so he does not bounce. He used to just come without informing me but after bouncing twice, he has not done it again. Serves him right.’ But this time, the other girl is so engrossed in her phone, I wonder if she is even listening to what her friend is telling her. They lose focus for a few minutes as they examine something, a picture probably on the other girl’s phone, but then they get back on track; ‘so, is he like that when you guys are together?’ The other girl asks?
‘No, he is actually a nice guy. Just that he sometimes gets these phone calls from his friends, and they last for minutes but he is good company. Oh yeah, once I saw him eyeing some chic across the restaurant. When I asked him who that was he said, ‘my ex’. Just like that!’ The other girl exclaims ‘what!’. And this one, realising she had raised gossip-worthy curiosity, follows with ‘Yeah, can you imagine! He got so moody and started snapping at the waitress and even me. Like he has a lot of unfinished business with her. You know he has never told me what happened in his last relationship - I do not ask such things, I do not want to know - but I think he has not gotten over her yet. Come to think of it, do you think he still wants to be with her? Do you think he still sees her?’. And the other girl said, ‘Noooo waaaaay!’. I did not catch the rest of the story because I was walking out. See, I remembered I had to go pick up my girl, and I had not even responded to her texts all day so she was going to be moody.