There is something simply gorgeous about modern architectural homes and this three-bedroom double storied featuring the bold, angular roof lines that are so prominent in modern design is an embodiment of all we love.

Simon peter Kazibwe, an architect, has incorporated high ceilings, exposed structural elements and use of mixed construction materials to create a wonderful home that can fit in a city suburb or a quiet rural area.

The use of clean lines inside and out, without any extra decoration gives this home an uncluttered and clean appearance. The double stories enables the house to have an open floor plan and expansive windows, making them perfect for using natural light to illuminate the interior as well as for taking in a good view.

Kazibwe says this plan is so flexible that it can be constructed with a mixture of glass, concrete, vinyl and wood. “This design is meant to be clean and simple so that it can be adapted to fit a number of environments and uses,” Kazibwe explains.

Built on two levels, the lower floor is given entirely to the day to activities of the home. It has a living room, dining room, kitchen and a breakfast nook, a store, garage, bathroom and one of the three bed rooms. Seating comfortably on a 50mx50m Kazibwe estimates the construction cost at Shs61m.

The upper floor has one other self-contained bedroom and a master bedroom which has its own living room, walk-in closet and full bathroom.

The architect further notes that while this design tends to be minimalist, it gives the homeowner an opportunity to be adventurous with the décor. “To truly customise this design the homeowner can consider contrasting the high-gloss metal finishes with some vintage touches either furniture or lighting fixtures,” he adds.

Interior décor expert Nunu Umuringa says warm, neutral colours are more appropriate given that they are large and open. “The colours will help create warmth and infuse a softness to combat the sharp neat lines of the design,” she observes. Apart from white and cream consider other soft colors like use barn red, pale yellow, Wedgwood blue, dusky periwinkle, or olive green. All of these choices add liveliness and positive vibes.

The design gives a spacious balcony right over the garage that can be turned into an outdoor entertaining space with the use of richly textured wood and vintage accessories to continue with the theme of the décor of the rest of the house. You can also incorporate green leafy plants into the design to create a warm and cool atmosphere. Go for big sized plants since smaller ones might simply be overshadowed by everything else.

Proper curtains
We often tend to think of every other detail about the home apart from the curtains. It is no wonder that people end up with grotesque looking curtains marring their otherwise pristinely designed home

Choosing curtains is not just about picking the best possible option, but also displaying it in the most apt fashion. For such a progressive design, go for curtains that fall exactly at the floor level. The color of your curtains should ideally be in match with the rest of the furnishings.

Choose curtains in a color that complements the shade of your walls. For accessories, simple pull-backs and absence of decorative trims will make fabrics like velvet or satin look chic and sleek always remember that less is more.

Interior décor expert Nunu Umuringa says as a rule of thumb, you should limit furnishing to items that will genuinely be used and colours to pale and muted schemes.
“The purpose of the décor here should be functionality without sacrificing the esthetics.

Most of the esthetics in this case lies in the expansiveness of the space, the airy uncluttered rooms and easy flow of natural lighting. Therefore when choosing décor make sure you do not hide all that with ornamentation,” she recommends.