It is official... I am in a serious search for new friends because it is apparent, I am with all the wrong people.

The person I considered my best friend and almost thinking of promoting to BFF blackmails me at every turn. She uses her beautiful face and her beaming smile, calls me all the sweet names, and uses that tone you can never say ‘No’ to.

And while I thought I could use a male good friend, he is also not the best option.

He is one of the most intelligent people I know, strong willed, almost as I’m so we are always arguing about anything and everything. And on top of all that, he is a lawyer... and you know how they do not let go! Just like a dog with a bone.

Then there is one who brings out my sense of humour, so perfectly so that I cannot say or do anything sensible around him. It is clear that if I keep him around, I will probably stay young and look even younger but then I will gradually lose my wit and sense of reason. He is also a sweetheart, who will most likely end up with a ring on his finger before he notices.

Then there is my famous friend who is more or so like me. She compliments my meanness, she finishes my sentences, we love the same music, we read the same books, we like the same hair styles and the same masculine shoes, though we look like the opposite of the other. She is tall and big, with spects, while I’m small and not actually short, she just makes me look short, because she is really tall; which is among the reasons I’m sacking her.

But the real reason I’m firing her is that she has this amazing head for details... She will remember every tiny detail in a book, movie, Bible any everything, then haunt you with them; it will feel like you did not read the same book.

Then there is her Chinese!
So, now you see why I need to make a fundamental change?

Desire Mbabaali is a guest writer