When religious leaders prayed in Parliament, I understood that their primary reason was to chase those spirits that caused the desecration of Parliament. This was a noble cause, but in my view a little shy off the deeper waters. I am a believer in the power of prayer and the Word of God and agree with the need to pray for not only for Parliament, but also the entire nation.

First I want to think spirits move with the person who is possessed and my observation was that it was the Special Forces Command that sparked off the saga, so in part, it means that after the saga, each one of them went back to their stations with their legions of spirits, in which case, the pastors would have to trace their work stations unless the assumption is that those are resident demons of the Parliament of Uganda.
The pastors also stated their view that Article 102(b) is discriminatory and so they support its amendment!

I have respect for their view, which has been debated widely since the proposed amendment got to the public domain and, of course, I respectfully disagree.
My view is premised on the instruction to Moses in regard to the upper limit of service in the House of God.

Numbers Chapter 8:23. It would appear that Moses was conscious of the burden carried by Levites in the service of the Lord. Both the church of Uganda and the Catholic church have provisions in the church Canons detailing retirement age for archbishops, bishops and clergy though not in the strict sense of Moses’s word, but the fact that one gets tired and slow. This is not mere discrimination, it is the inspired word of God. The Bible further details succession plans from Moses to Joshua, from Elijah to Elisha ,from David to Solomon and only the wicked kings in Israel had no clear succession plan because in most cases, they would just be cut off by the hand of God and nobody wants this for Uganda.
The deeper question, however, is best illustrated by a personal experience which I had. Last year, my cassava plants all turned yellowish. Rather than spray the leaves, I was advised by the experts from NASSARI that the whole plantation was infected and mostly on the roots, not the leaves! And true to it, when we painfully uprooted the cassava, we found more damage at the roots compared to the leaves.
The yellowing was only a symptom.

That is why I ask together with the Psalmist 11:3. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Is it enough to spray the chamber of Parliament or go deeper and look for the real problem? This is the primary question that ought to be answered by our pastors. In the early 1980s, a lot of bloodshed ushered in the NRM government.
Blood that was shed in Luweero and other parts of country where mass graves represent the subjugation process. Violence and bloodletting are the very issues the proponents of peaceful transition embodied in the preamble of the Constitution and sought to prevent with Article 102(b) and the amended Article 105.
The other aspect is witchcraft.

Have you considered the annual conventions of traditional doctors that take place in Namboole and other locations and gets graced by an official opening presided over by our national leaders?
Witchcraft and greed have destroyed our nation, but we fear to speak truth to power. When our leaders are seen crawling into shrines purportedly to seek ancestral guidance, does it occur to us that all institutions under their watch fall for those witchcraft spells.

Lastly, I covet the days of Prophet Isaiah or Micaiah, who would say thus says the Lord. Pastors, it was wonderful to hear your opinion on Article 102(b). But as the ambassadors of God, the ones whom we look to, would you like to categorically tell us what the Lord God has said. Whether we believe or not, let us know thus saith the Lord for Uganda at such a time like this.

Ms Alaso is Born-Again politician.