Based on how full a certain shopping mall is always, the shop owners there must be raking in that money by the truckloads. The place is regularly filled by shoppers. And this is on a daily basis.
I have come to hate this place and actually dread even walking past it or being sighted near it; which is a far cry from my feelings towards the place not more than three years ago.
This place opened while I was in my Senior Six vacation.

The “villageness” in me was through not extreme, still existent, due to my lack of a social life and the fact that our country Uganda has only now decided to look towards “middle income status”. Malls (at least the size and niceness of this one) were something to look forward to having seen them in shows like Second Chance or some other such show far removed from Uganda’s reality. I had not been to a lot of malls, truth be told, and I considered it a cool people thing.
The first time I went there on a date I was so stressed. And rightfully so! When the place had just opened, you would not go with your ‘funny clothes’ to that mall. One has to plan for a befitting outfit 10 days prior to the “excursion” and go over every detail of it. Kind of like auditioning for Americas Top model, but more stressful because you run the risk of meeting that cool classmate who will never forget the weird clothes you were wearing, or what you did.
These days though, I look at that mall and immediately get stressed. When I go on a date, I cross my fingers and toes and pray the person will not opt for it.

I mean that is where all of Uganda and it’s neighbouring countries’ citizens go, in fact, if you were looking for a long lost relative all you would have to do is sit at the mall fountain and just bid your time. Why is it always crowded? Why so much activity? So many questions, so little answers.
Go there on the coldest, most rainy Monday morning and there will be a girl with all the colours of the rainbow on her head taking a mirror selfie in the bathroom.

I visualise people waking up and saying ‘ehh we go?’ and their friends are like ‘We go!’ And they all go end up at this mall to take pictures with Nakumatts now defunct elephant then couple of selfies in the lift, and call it a day.