I do not think storage space can ever be enough especially if you are a mother. The more you have the more you realise you could do with a little bit more.

There is plenty of stuff to store and would it not be lovely if items did not have to share space, such as for shoes; shelf for trainers, shelf for sandals, shelf for high heels or shelf for box shelf for short story books, shelf for tall books (pamphlets).
And so the task becomes how to tickle your brain enough for it to show you all or most of the ‘dead’ space that can be turned into useful storage.

One of the places to look at would be the toilet or corridor sink. Many of our sinks are characterised by the sink itself and the trunk/ stem.

Having a local carpenter make you a cabinet out of MDF board that sits right under it would eliminate a number of scenarios such as, your child shouting out to you to bring them a roll of toilet paper because they run out whilst using the toilet.
A number of homes have toilets whose window seal is being used as storage. As such, it is not uncommon to find everything from cleaning detergents, air fresheners, extra toilet roll to sponges and cloths used for cleaning...basically creating a mini supermarket look. That cluttered look can be avoided by placing these items into a cabinet below the sink, leaving the window seal for things such as miniature potted plants, scented candles, pot pourri or even porcelain trinkets for decor.
How about above our bathroom sinks? The automatic item to have in this area would be a mirror.

Some come with accessories to hold toothbrush mugs, shaving cream, hand lotion and other body care products.
But those who do not have this setup are forced to utilise the actual sink and often items drop into the sink at the slightest touch or knock. Placing a mini cabinet right above the sink with shelving inside whose door is covered with a mirror would be killing two birds with one stone. You safely keep the drama out of the public eye and you are able to do your make up or any other form of grooming comfortably as well!

-Gloria Kawuma is an interior designer