A photo, it is said, speaks more than a thousand words. Last month, when Aga Khan High school students exhibited their art and sculpture pieces at their school, the theme was based on their individual imaginations and thoughts of the world around them and what they had in their minds.

In public life usually, conversations around the environment compared to politics, religion or sex, is usually considered a boring topic.

However, often when one is left to meditate or pray to their God, chances are that Mother Nature among other thoughts, lingers around their thoughts. When some of the students were asked to explain what their art pieces depicted, nearly, if not, all of them, proved this assertion.

There is no doubt, climate change is upon us and communicating the different forms of its manifestations still remains a challenge.

Subtly though, after listening to the explanations from the students, there was little doubt that photo exhibitions, might be the next medium through which to make the public understand the different manifestations of the global concern which is caused by the rate at which the environment and natural resources are being depleted.