Two bedroom homes are very popular because most of them are cost friendly to build and maintain. This two bedroomed home, estimated at Shs35million to build, fits the criteria. According to Simon Nandala, an architect with ACQ Consortium Ltd, depending on the size of your plot, this particular house can sit comfortably on a 50x 50.

Just like most modern homes, this house is built for esthetics and convenience. Both bedrooms have in-built closets, although sizes vary. The two bedrooms are placed on one side of the house which neatly separates the sleeping quarters from the living quarters.

Living room
The living room or lounge is located next to the kitchen enabling a smooth connection between the two rooms. It opens on a spacious verandah that can be used for outdoor entertaining.
The kitchen can be accessed either through the dining room or from the outside as it opens onto a verandah. It is fitted with a store or walk in pantry, the only extravagant feature in this plan.

The house is serviced by two bathrooms that can be found in the two bedrooms.

Making the house functional;
When Keziya and Herbert Rugumayo moved into their two bed room home eight years ago, it was as perfect as perfect can be. Their two year old daughter and her nanny occupied the extra bedroom while the couple enjoyed the master bedroom. But two more children down the road, made the once ideal home seem overcrowded. “I thought of so many things including adding extra rooms to the house but the plot is limited for this,” Rugumayo says. Just when she was beginning to despair, she met an interior designer who turned things around by just changing a few things in the décor. “The designer removed most of the heavy huge furniture and replaced it with lighter multifunctional ones. Where necessary he utilized space that we had previously ignored creating storage space thus creating a spacious feel in the house,” she adds.
Hannington Waswa an interior décor here reveals five tips one can use to create space in a small home.

Make use of walls
Instead of adding furniture to an already crowded home, use your walls to create shelves that can be used both as décor and storage space. These are efficient in bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

Trick the eye
A strategically placed mirror can make a confined space appear bigger. To expand the scope of any room place a mirror on a wall that will reflect another less cluttered wall.

Create storage
There are so many places traditionally overlooked that can be utilized as storage space. In places like the bathroom and bedroom, you can use over-the-door hooks to store bags, shoes, accessories and cosmetics.
Sliding doors
Instead of the usual doors that open outward go for those that slide along a track. Doors that slide take up less floor space and are less likely to obstruct than if they opened outwardly.

“Lighting is important when it comes to opening up a small space. Instead of hanging bulbs, consider using recessed lighting which regulates the amount of light in the room,” Mathias Omona, a civil engineer ,with ACQ Consortium Ltd says.