Since I have a light sensitivity problem, I spend less time in front of the television. In a day, I do not watch more than two hour of television. This also helps me engage in other activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, such as walking.
I never used to pay attention to what I eat but this has changed. As a must, I drink two glasses of warm water every morning before taking a cold shower. My breakfast usually comprises fruits and vegetables. I avoid eating fatty foods and I eat small portions every day. I have also learnt from health experts that I must chew my food slowly for easy digestion. I do not eat food after 8pm and if I must eat, I opt for a snack such as a piece of cake.

Personal hygiene
I am a clean freak. However tired I am, I never go to sleep without washing my dishes. I always wash up and dry all the dishes and this has kept my house free of cockroaches and mould. Once a week, a thoroughly clean my house focusing on areas that are usually ignored such as under the bed.
Even with plaited hair, I wash my hair every two weeks to avoid getting an itchy scalp. I also steam my face every day and do not apply any oil and keep my nails short.

Working out
Starting a workout routine was really difficult for me at first because I would get muscle and joint pain after every session. So, I was advised to start by walking for 10 minutes at a time and slowly add time. Each day the pain reduced and I eventually started running four miles every Sunday. Running helps me clear my head and reduce stress.