Brethren, I will be the first to admit it. I’m devoid of ‘a sense of fashion’. Once in a while, accidentally usually, I will go to the office looking like a well-dressed working woman.

Most days though, I look like Mama Nantume going out to run vague errands in the market- one of which might be buying a chicken. It’s not my fault, dear readers.

It’s not my fault that I find going shopping a terrible pain in a very sensitive region. Add to that the stress of shameless sales-men and women stretching out tiny bits of material in my face promising heaven and earth: “Bati Madam this one is stretch!” It is enough to tempt one to turn up to work in one’s birthday suit.

And so I have begun to long for a work uniform, something drab, colourless and comfortable (preferably in cotton) that I can wear to work every day of the week. Imagine being spared the mental agony of having to decide what to wear every morning.

Imagine knowing what you were going to wear every weekday for the rest of the year- fascinating! How many freed brain cells are those! It would also be much cheaper than having to buy separate pieces here and there to combine into an outfit.

Remember the uniform lists we would be given in secondary school? I envision a world where new employees will be given, as part of their orientation, the company uniform list- navy blue, black or gray knee-length dresses and trousers for women, paired with comfortable shoes.

Yes, comfortable shoes would be part of the revolution.
A well-padded shoe with a thick, slightly raised sole would work wonders for the bruised, aching feet of working women everywhere. Young lady, you might be tottering along now feeling confident in your six-inch heels but wait until you’re the hunchback of the office in your 40s, and then you will regret having sneered at comfortable shoes. Or do you have a replacement spine hidden somewhere in your closet?

Ahhhhh, what comfort, what joy this uniform would bring! Under one uniform, we would all be equal! Workers of the nation, put your best flat shoe forward!