In Summary

MULTI-PURPOSE. Wall clocks not only allow you to display the time in your home but also add a decorative accent to your décor

I was once asked by a client if it was necessary to have a clock hanging as part of his interior décor. My answer would then determine whether he was going to purchase one or not.

The thing is clocks are necessary, especially if you are not one for wearing watches but also clocks have a way of bringing some charm into your space depending on their design and size.

I personally use clocks as art for the walls, not necessarily for telling time. If you are one of those people that are minimalist, then a clock would be the right choice to help improve visual interest to your space. You can use a clock to create a focal point or feature wall for a room that may not have an entertainment unit.

Also, to keep track of time, a clock can be well placed in the kitchen to help manage meal preparation processes thus helping you serve on time before the ‘pack’ come sniffing around in the kitchen one by one hunting for alternatives to your dinner.

In the bedroom, if your bed doesn’t have a high headboard, consider placing a clock above it to help keep track of quality time spent and also as a decorative piece.

The size of a clock should be just right in comparison to the scale of the room to avoid it disappearing away or being in our face. The type of frame a clock has should be another item to consider.

Clocks can be placed on different points on the walls such as entry walls, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom or even at the end of a corridor wall.

And elaborate and fancy clock would be okay in a room characterised by French, Mediterranean, or Asian décor. If it is for a room in which delicate, business decisions will be made, then the clock should have as plain as possible a frame to avoid being a distraction.

-Gloria Kawuma is an interior designer