KAMPALA- Africa Elite Martial Arts Federation president Jack Pemba has backed the World Federation of Elite Martial Arts’ (WFM) decision to part company with the Asian and Middle East president.

This followed Friday’s letter in which WFM president Mike O’Brien indicated that the body had parted ways with Sultan El Sayed.

“We would like to confirm that Sultan Elsayed is no longer a part of WFM.He has no authority or rights to use the WFM name,” read the statement.

According to Pemba, Elsayed has consistently been doing work outside his jurisdiction.

“I support the decision because he has been causing so much trouble and collecting money without the World Federation consent. He has also been interfering in African affairs without my knowledge as African president,” Pemba stated.

Pemba who has a long history of sponsoring Ugandan sportsmen including Ivan Byekwaso, Patricia Apolot and Umar Ssemata among others, was appointed as African president of the  World Federation of Elite Martial Arts in January.