Dear Doctor: I need serious help. I have noticed with concern that whenever I have sex with my wife, I get a lot of pain. When I check on my manhood, I realise that it is bending in an awkward way. What can I do?

Dear Silas:
An erection is due to an inrush of blood while the outflow is limited. A sex style with the woman on top is likely to lead to a penile fracture leading to painful sex. Then, healing with scar formation will interfere with expansion in the injured area leading to a bend and later more pain during sex because of distorting the natural curve designed for a woman’s vaginal or birth canal. In Peyronie’s disease, hard scar-like areas can happen due to unknown reasons leading to unusual bending of the penis resulting in painful sex.
In most cases, treatment is not needed because the bends can fade on their own.
However, it is better for you to visit a doctor for professional advice.

What it is. Peyronie’s disease is a disorder of the penis characterized by focal scarring and penile curvature. Men who develop this disorder notice a bent penis during erections.
Signs. The penis curve can develop very gradually. However, in some cases, a man may wake up one morning and notice his penis significantly bent with a morning erection.
Causes. This abnormal penis curvature is usually caused by Peyronie’s disease. The disease can also be associated with painful erections and/or a decrease in the quality and/or duration of erections.