Dear Doctor: When I sleep during the day, I wake up with a full stomach and feel very weak. At night, I fail to sleep necessitating taking sleeping pills!
— Zeresire Mbwa Yomuhiigi, Hoima

Dear Zeresire: You need to avoid sleeping during the day so that you can have proper rest at night. Taking drugs for sleep will lead to addiction not forgetting other side effects. Food digestion is easier when we are active (as during day) but at night when we sleep, digestion slows down. Therefore, sleeping immediately especially after eating a heavy meal is likely to leave one bloated or even with heart burn.
That said, not everyone who sleeps during the day gets indigestion. Usually bloating is a result of underlying factors such as peptic ulcers, constipation and other causes of a gassy stomach (flatulence) like gallstones which require investigating.
It is recommended that you do not eat fruits after a meal. Fruit digests the fastest of any type of food, and when you toss it down shortly after a meal, it just sits on top of it and ferments, creating gas, discomfort, and possibly even weight gain. When you eat fruit before anything else, say three hours after your last meal, your body can digest it and utilise it for fuel.