From the activities of bees, we get honey and other hive products in addition to pollination services for crops in the gardens.
However, it is honey that is the most well known product from bees, and one of the most earning bee products. Here are some facts about bees.

1. The queen may lay 600-800 or even 1,500 eggs each day in her three- or four-year lifetime

2. As a beekeeper, you have to plant flowering trees and plants as it is from these that bees get nectar. Trees such as night glory, eucalyptus and, some say, bananas are also good for bees

3. Bees help pollinate flowers and plants hence giving them high yields so having bees in your farm will help boost the crop yields.

4. Bees feel secure in noiseless places. Therefore, it is important for a farmer to look out for less noisy areas to keep them.

5. They live best in clean areas which are free from lizards and snakes. If not they will vacate and look for another place. So, it is important for the beekeeper to observe maximum cleanliness.

6. Venom, honey and propolis from bees are used for treatment of different conditions for diseases like diarrhoea, cough, measles, toothaches and fungal infections.

7. There are many types of beehives in Uganda. Among the most common are Langroth, Kenya Top Bar (KTB) and the locally made.

8. From bees, there are so many products. Among these are beeswax, propolis, honey, among others, which are also a source of income. Some people eat the larvae as food.

9. Bees are believed to have originated from eastern tropical Africa and then spread from there to northern Europe and to other parts of the world.