In Summary

Caution. The numbers tell it all so there is no hiding from the gruesome fact that our society preys on women, writes Flora Aduk.

We are a society that torturers, defiles and rapes our women folk. The numbers don’t lie and we shouldn’t kid ourselves either. It doesn’t happen to that other person. No, it happens to you and me and to someone close to us, someone we know. We have most probably seen someone commit acts of violence against a woman or man, or known it to happen but turned the other way and felt, “it is none of my business.”
Well, with the glaring statistics, this is exactly what should be your business.

The numbers don’t lie
The recent crime report released by Uganda Police states that 163 women met their deaths from domestic violence up from the recorded 109 in 2010. There were 1,572 cases of rape reported up from 898 in 2010 and 17,567 of defilement up from 14,973, 2010 and 72 of incest.
Ugandans have been busy over the last couple of years. What a society obsessed with having their way with children! And these are the reported cases! The image of seemingly right thinking people walking around looking dignified in public but stripping all to empty their lust on girls not of age can’t leave my mind. I must confess that ever since I read the report, my preoccupation as I’m stuck in jam has been staring at men walking the streets or driving and wondering if in their private lives they are taking pleasure in sexual acts with minors.

Who are the people around us
When I stole a brief moment off my computer screen and stared around my office floor, well , you guessed. Yes, I was wondering what the men and possibly women had going on in their lives. Were some defilers? Had some raped someone the previous day or in their past?
Was X in the far right turning their radio on very loudly every time she heard her neighbour scream as pounding sounds came from that house? Did Y with the wrinkled shirt have to dash to work looking shabby because his wife was giving him the silent treatment over the blows he gave her a few days ago? Had W with the shinny polished shoes slapped his wife to make sure she had the shine just right? Did Q mean it when in a conversation weeks ago he belittled women’s place in marriage and society? Does he act on those views? The thoughts just keep flowing.

The danger is always around us
The constant is that an abuser can be anyone. This is why it should be everyone’s concern not to take matters of defilement, domestic violence or any sexual crime especially against minors at face value.

It is not hers, his or their business, it is our business. We need to seek preventive information and report cases, and these must be prosecuted by concerned officials too. Keeping your lips sealed may be your signature to one’s death certificate or your own.