A former ghetto youth winning by nearly 78 per cent in his first participation in active political race is not a record to just push under the bed. In fact, his victory did not only reduce his opponents to mere participants, but escorts too! The dominant discussion in the city now is about Bobi Wine’s victory. However, as a woman and a political fanatic, the unprecedented experience brings lessons we ought to learn from. The youth, most of whom are unemployed, can do anything they have hope in, including fronting fellow youth like Bobi Wine, to champion their cause. Many of them are fed up with the regime, which can hardly meet their needs. Today’s generation believes in leaders, not bossy rulers. Bobi Wine has gone through rough times and many youth who are suffering associate with him.
As a woman, I can’t forget the saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman’. And yes, Barbie, Bobi Wine’s wife, has been that captioned woman. Women must realise that the destiny of our homes depends on us. A strong family is the foundation for a good society. May both politicians and the youth learn from this magnificent experience.

Carol Nyangoma,
Social analyst