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Boxing. Adams, who was recently inducted into the Las Vegas, Nevada Hall of Fame, became Bogere’s trainer in 2008 when the Ugandan was just three fights into his professional boxing career


Sharif “The Lion” Bogere and Kenny Adams have long been viewed as a perfect pair of boxer and trainer respectively, until recently when the duo parted ways.

The two have had tremendous chemistry, and would most times be seen cracking jokes during training, in addition to putting up some dance strokes during workouts.

Adams attributes the break-up to Bogere’s commitment towards religion. “His religious schedule interferes with my training programme,” Adams said in an exclusive interview.

“I told him to postpone the 30 days of fasting in Ramadan recently so that he could focus on training but he refused. So I had to limit training for 30 days. It affected his form as well as missed opportunities for fights. So I told him that he either does it my way or his way.”

Bogere, who resides in Las Vegas, insists that he has to fulfill his religious obligations and says no one is going to compromise him.

“Adams was a great trainer but did not understand my religious beliefs. He would get mad every time I went for prayers to the mosque,” said Bogere.

Jimmy Alex, who has managed Bogere since he turned pro eight years ago, says the issue of religion is just a disguise. “Adams got worse with his attitude. Bogere put up with this bad attitude for a longtime until he couldn’t take in anymore.”

Alex added: “He has lost almost every good boxer because of his attitude. Also, Adam’s tactics were not allowing Bogere be the boxer he wants to be.

Adams always wanted a close fight yet Bogere wants to move around the ring. He (Adams) has the same style for all his boxers, this is not right.”

Alex also revealed that they had acquired the services of another Hall of Fame trainer, Thell Torrence, who has already started working with Bogere ahead of his coming fight on September 16.
“Bogere is a unique person, well disciplined with a good heart and a hard worker. He is like a son to me. He deserves better things and I know Torrence will like him,” said Alex.

Torrence is a decorated trainer, who has produced 10 world champions including former heavyweight king Riddick Bowe.
“I have done well with heavyweights,”said Torrence, “Bogere is a lower weight but he has the mentality of a winner. He is hardworking and that motivates me. He has a lot of ability to become a great boxer.”

Torrence’s prospects
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