Dear Paul, I have been driving the first generation Toyota Harrier. I would like to upgrade to the good looking 2005 Nissan Murano. My mechanic says it’s a complicated car without parts available. I fancy the car looks what should I do? Noreen. Namutebi.

Hello Noreen, the 2005 Nissan Murano is a compact crossover sports utility vehicle. This car’s bold and sporty body design attributes are a head turner. The interior is practical and spacious with a modern front console finish.

The trappings of modern automobiles such as a good stereo, electric comfort features like power windows, seats and mirrors are standard fitments. Safety ratings are good with Anti-lock brakes and twin frontal airbags.

Regular maintenance should not be a problem because the Nissan dealer is at hand to supply filters, brake pads and other regular maintenance parts.
Non fast moving parts such as suspension components, lights or body panels can be ordered if unavailable. All cars are only complicated by a poor maintenance regime or inheriting a car with a bad service history. Listen to your heart.

Hi Paul, I own a diesel Toyota Surf but whenever I am driving on the highway and try to the brake the car shakes. I have done wheel alignment and pressure checks but the problem continues to persist. Advise please. Mpairwe.

Hello Mr Mpairwe, wheel wobbling or shaking at low speeds or when applying brakes is usually caused by the condition of tyres, tyre pressure or uneven wear or damage.

Other causes of wheel wobbling at low speeds can be wear of lateral suspension arm bushings or ball joints and severe wear of the brake discs.
Get professional tyre technicians to examine your wheels and tyre tread surface. An automated road force test can be carried out in town to establish condition of suspension bushings.

I own a Daihatsu Terios. Would you advise me which parts I need to replace to improve its performance. Thanks please. Kawesa Ronald.

Hello Ronald, the Daihatsu Terios is an easy to park and get away mini SUV that has been built over three generations.

You need to carry out a mileage-based inspection to establish which parts or fluids are due for replacement.

For instance if your Terios has made 100,000 kilometres, you need to carry out the mandatory major service B inspection.

Replace all filters, engine air cleaner, fuel filter, air-condition cabin filter and gearbox filter as well as checking or renewing all major fluids such as engine oil (if necessary), gearbox oil (with recommended type), brake fluid, steering fluid.

Also check the brake pads and discs, brake fluid lines, callipers and pistons for corrosion damage or leakage. Check suspension bushings and shock absorbers at front and rear axles, check steering linkage and tie rod ball joints. Inspect the exhaust system and engine seals for leaks.

After fluid and filter change inspect all electrics before test driving to ascertain powertrain operation and wheel alignment.

Most importantly use fuel and engine oil with cleaning and performance enhancing additives. That will prolong your engine life as well as enhance efficient performance.

Hello Paul, thank you for the advice you give us Daily Monitor. I drive a Mercedes Benz ML 1999 model. Recently it developed a serious flooding problem. I thought my sunroof was leaking but my mechanics have assured me that the sunroof seal is okay. I feel compelled to sell it yet I love it. Can you advise where to look for a solution? Onyait. J

Hello Mr Onyait, a leaky car roof is very unpleasant and inconveniencing. With the ML Mercedes and all cars with sunroofs you need to inspect the roof water drainage system.

Occasionally the plumbing pipe breaks or gets clogged with dust. This will flood the water drain channels which spill over into the roof lining.
You will need a skillful technician to dismantle the roof lining panels to access the roof plumbing pipe.
Repair after inspection or replace out rightly. You ought to inspect and unblock the excess storm water drain below the front windscreen.

The water trap is at the left bottom corner just below the black plastic vent. That needs regular unblocking if your car parks under the trees or outside due to dust and leaves. That should solve the leaking interior.