Hi Paul, I drive a Subaru Forester X20 but its fuel consumption is high. A litre does less than eight kilometres. I have driven it for four months now. What could be the problem? Magezi

Hello, Magezi, there may not be any serious problem with your Forester, you may just need to adjust your driving style, tune the engine well and use high octane fuel to improve your fuel economy statistics.

It would have been good to know whether your fuel economy statistics are for urban or highway driving. Most user testimonies indicate that city traffic in a 2.0 litres Forester X20 will give you a fuel economy of 13 litres/100km which is about 7.7km per litre.

Highway driving can improve to 7.5 litres/100 km or 13 km per litre. These statistics will vary depending on how you drive (aggressive acceleration and braking), the service condition or tuning of your car engine and condition of the tyres. Subaru recommends where available the use of premium higher octane petrol such as Shell V-Power.

This 95 octane petrol has slower burn which reduces engine cylinder knock and a friction modification technology to free more power to your car wheels. This will give you an exciting engine performance and better fuel economy.