Last year on Facebook, in one of my pieces I said money accounts for less than 15 per cent of what is needed to grow a business and a few guys asked me to elaborate thinking I was wrong.

Why would people inherit lots of money or property and still die poor if money is the most aspect in doing business? Why would some people steal billions and billions from either government or others and still die poor when they are no longer able to steal?

There are many other factors that will make one who has inherited to grow resources available to them or a poor guy get out of abject poverty into relative wealth or even serious riches.
Below are some factors I have observed and researched about as well over the last many years of my life;

However much money one has as capital, without being very desperate about growth of a business then the money means nothing.
Desperation drives one from being a sweeper to an office messenger to a tour guide to being a fairly respectable businessman.

Time invested properly is worth a fortune and time wasted can be devastation and yes time invested very well can perform miracles.
Because we are not desperate enough we waste time doing nothing.
If you want to grow a business, you must respect time and must always reflect on what you have done in a week, a month and in a year.

A mother who has a baby to feed will not waste time and if she is the only provider for that baby she will be determined to work hard and not waste time due to desperation. And because of that she will carry a basket of bananas to vend on the street due to determination.

A person with Shs100,000 plus a lot of courage has a good future ahead of him and this is because human beings can do incredible stuff no matter what happens if they have courage. And sometimes desperation gives a person incredible courage.

A mother with a baby to feed due to desperation vends bananas and after selling a few baskets successfully she develops an ambition which drives her to make a stall along the road side and later transforms the stall into a shop and eventually a supermarket. One must be ambitious enough to actually grow a business. Ambition helps one save, invest for both short term and long term.

Faith is an investment that cannot be matched. Money cannot touch it. Imagine you having Shs1b without faith? You would be poor. You would not be rich at all. Faith gives you courage to face any storm and it is a great driver in taking risk. Other factors include ingenuity, emotional intelligence, personality and wisdom.

The writer is an investment expert