In Summary

Apart from keeping your furniture new, chair covers can create beauty in the living and dining rooms depending on your taste

Chairs are in most cases dirtied by constant sweeping, spills of food or people sitting. Since we sometimes take long to wash them, the stains may become permanent or cause them to smell. This is the reason chair covers are important because, they are in most cases easy and soft to wash depending on the fabric you choose.

They are the trend in most homes now especially those with children. They have therefore earned themselves space in the décor world as and act as dirt barriers to chairs. They are suitable for the living room and dining room because these spaces are usually busy but for décor purpose you can put them anywhere.

Chair covers come in different sizes, depending on your chair size and shape and they are as well in different colours and designs, you can choose to have your chairs measured by the local tailors and therefore make your own or buy the already made ones. All in all chair covers add beauty to chairs, prevent them from dirt and keep them looking new.

How chair covers can work for you
According to Hajara Nabatesa, a tailor in Kiyembe, It’s important to buy chair covers depending on the number of people in your home or the home management.

“You can’t put a fabric that is easily soiled or heavy to wash in the dining room if you have young children. It’s important you choose your material and colour accordingly,” she adds.

She adds that before buying chair covers, you need to measure your chairs, get the width and length so that you buy fitting ones. She further notes that it’s important to buy covers that are long enough to cover the chairs from top to bottom.

Fabric options
Sharifah Namulondo, a fabric dealer and chair cover maker, says covers come in materials such as linen, which is simple and easy to clean, silk which is a bit durable and cotton which she says is the best.

“For daily use, I recommend cotton because it’s a good fabric compared to the others and is easy to wash. Cotton doesn’t hold stains and is durable if carefully managed,” she says.

Care and treatment
Namulondo says silk, wool and linen will need constant dry cleaning to prevent permanent damages.

“For cotton, you need to wash it immediately you notice a stain. If the stain doesn’t get off then you will need to soak it for a day to soften the stain,” she notes.
Silk shouldn’t be exposed to heat because it can easily get burnt.

Since chairs come are in different colours such as red, green, orange, purple, yellow, or blue, Mary Namukose, an interior designer, says how the particular colour will complement the entire house or room setting is important. She adds that dull or dark colours may work better for the dining room as they are a sign of elegancy.

She says that chair covers make your rooms look elegant, unique and clean. Chairs get a seasonal look when they have the covers and when they are removed this will give you a touch of freshness like you have bought new ones.

You can make your own chair covers at affordable prices by getting a tailor to make you a cover at 30,000 and the whole set of eight seaters will be 240,000 that is when you have your own material. Though the price varies depending on the fabric to be used and your bargaining power, it can be slightly higher or lower.
Nabatesa says on the local market a meter of silk material starts from Shs15,000 and other materials such as fiber start from Shs50,000 and above.

She adds that a five seater will take 18 meters and the eight seater will take 20 to 25 meters.

Finally, Namulodo says the Importance of using chair covers is that besides preventing dirt, the covers will help to protect your furniture from external damages especially soft wood. Spoils from hot and acidic liquids will be prevented from reaching the furniture.

“If kept and looked after well, they can last for more than two years before replacing them.” She concludes.