I read in Daily Monitor yesterday where Ms Ritah Achiro said that it offends women’s rights for the Public Service ministry to direct the dress code that is considered decent for all public officers. It hurts me to learn that a woman can still think it is a woman’s right to by dress any how even in public.
Ms Achiro asked how decent dressing will bring drugs to hospitals? Decent dressing is an epitome of an African society and people in public offices should be good examples for our children. How can I tell my daughter that it is indecent to expose body in public when the people who hold respectable offices are doing that? Morality is never an exception and should never be considered as a sign of infringement.
Some women have misinterpreted the issue of female emancipation to mean dressing like Whites in movies. What happened to the fabric of morality that was the basis of all our dealings?
Women used to be respected, but today, they are treated like sexual objects!
Marriages are breaking up, domestic violence is on the rise and rape cases are common. Some men cannot control their sexual urge whenever they see a woman dressed indecently.

Dennis K Bukenya,