It is the New Year and it always brings excitement because it represents rebirth. But such new beginnings can only make a difference if we determine to live and act differently.
1. Track your money and open a special savings account upon which you must with utmost discipline deposit at least ten per cent of all the money you earn. In a few years it will have accumulated substantially and you can use it to start business, buy a plot of land or do something you can be proud of.
2. Enrich your mind by buying good books and DVDs. There’s a time I used to spend my money on romance novels and movies that didn’t help me beyond entertainment. Now I spend on only what improves my life. There are amazing biographies and motivational literature that will totally change your perspectives on life. Invest in that and your life will be totally transformed.
3. Learn something new. Learn how to play a musical instrument, become a gym member, learn a new language, take some dancing or cooking lessons. This year I’ll learn how to play chess because the more newer things I learn the more exposure and friends I make along the way, which make all the difference.

4. Be careful about the small details because they influence bigger things. A little hole can sink a boat and the horse with all its strength is controlled by a bit in its mouth. So be a master of the small things and they will bring organisation into your life and help you achieve monumentally.

For example, always decide what you are going to wear to work a night before, leave as many WhatsApp groups as possible because if you’re honest you’ll admit most of them are there just to consume your data and precious time. Water does not really hurt and bathing twice a day, wearing good and clean underwear, and participating in noble ventures like those of rotary clubs can give you that feel-good edge that will drive you in everything you do.
Happy New Year.