The proposed taxes on social media by President Museveni are long overdue. A section of Ugandans are up in arms against the proposals, but sadly, apart from just criticising, no alternatives are given.

We Ugandans are funny people. We hate to pay taxes yet we demand for services. President Museveni has pointed out social media, so let his critics come up with alternatives instead of rushing to the media.

Suffice to say that it will be an uphill task to enforce this tax on social media given the serious technological handicaps of URA. Uganda’s tax base is the smallest in the region.

Politicians and so called Human Rights groups should not oppose every proposed tax on claims that taxpayers’ money end up being embezzled. This is a defeatist mentality and it is counter-productive.

The Ministry of Finance should explore new areas that should be taxed given that tax issues are complicated. However, the main problem in Uganda is that in most cases, there is double taxation.

Only a few businesses in Uganda bear the huge burden of taxes, something that I consider to unfair. Surely, this should change and new areas should be identified for taxation.
E F Kahuma,