The typical thing that is usually done is to turn the space underneath your staircase into some sort of storage space. All those things that one cannot categorise, or stuff that you know you need to get rid off but are still hanging onto, gets shoved under the staircase. What if you have more than enough storage, then what?

Well let’s consider a few options;
Private sitting area; some staircases have moderately high ceilings and relatively big space hence creating the possibility of an area where one can have a private conversation with someone. You know that time when you are entertaining and there is the need to pull a friend to the side and chat a bit...privately... without having to step outside the house or go into the kitchen. This space would come in handy.
Reading nook; space without distraction can be a bit difficult to set up especially in a family house. For one there’s the thing about people knowing where you are at any given time whilst in the house, hence dropping by at the slightest hint of an ‘emergency’ or even being distracted by a corner that has not been cleaned properly or things that need to have been tidied up and the thought of sorting these long outstanding chores, now that you have ‘free’ time on your hands may seem very appealing. So hiding away in a nook gives you a lot of ‘me’ time.
Memory capsule; what better excuse to exhibit all those beautiful memories. We cannot always put all the glorious pictures of precious moments taken over time on our walls because they would make the room look crowded and cluttered. Needless to say that you would have to install adequate lighting in this space.
Wine cellar; this works for wine collectors. I can not think of a better way to store your priceless collection, far away from ‘sticky’ and careless hands. Considering that this space is usually out of range of the sun’s rays and thus, usually cool, your wine would be in ‘good hands’... so to speak. Investing in a door to keep it under lock and key would be a small adjustment to make.

Memory lane
With good lighting installed in the area under your staircase, you can create a space to display beautiful photographs such as family portraits, art or photographs from meomorable events such as family vacations. This helps to free the rest of the house walls from clutter.

-Gloria Kawuma
is an interior designer