I had heard a lot about this huge sprawling place in Muyenga but had never actually been there. This was until a friend asked me to meet him there for a tete a tete coupled with the latest scuttlebutt in town.

The place is huge and sprawling with I’m told a separate wing that can accommodate weddings for several hundred people at ago. However, we chose to sit away from the bar preferring the more secluded semi alfresco veranda that is dimly lit and very quiet.

The menu
One of the challenges of any eating joint in suburbia is the unpredictably of the clientele for meals.

It is pointless to create an elaborate menu that has fancy items such as Thai chicken salad or quesadillas and the like and not sell any. Besides being disheartening, it is impractical.

This problem is even more felt during lunch hours when punters can be fewer than a half dozen or even none. Evenings are a different ball game all together due to the propensity of people to drink after hours and with libations bites would be a natural companion.

Under these circumstances the best way to go would be offering a short order menu and this is more or less what the Terrace has to offer.

Therefore, and not surprisingly, in terms of food, the Terrace Restaurant offers a limited but practical menu, nothing fancy unless you consider pizza to be a not so common dish and they indeed have them for a modest Shs 24,000. Frankly, they do not have a large variety of pizzas.

So, I would skip them and go for any of their short order items such as fried pork, grilled chicken or grilled goat and the like and any of these can be prepared within less than 20 minutes.

What we savoured
I chose the fried pork that was served with steamed white rice with gravy and vegetables while fellow trencherman preferred the fried chicken. The pork was non-descript and would have been better served as say baby pork spareribs or even good old fashioned pork chops.

Instead, I suspect that it was boneless leg of pork that was doused in some bread crumbs and deep fried. To their credit the meat was lean and the portions were just right. The fried chicken presented no surprises and was accompanied with boiled potatoes and vegetables.

If only service…
The food is good and the service is slow but sure and the grounds are well kept. The Terrace Restaurant and Bar is a nice place to go if you live within .Muyenga and you desire an informal setting that is not that expensive and yet offers good value for money.

If you go...
Place: The Terrace Restaurant and Bar
Rating: Worth a visit
Location: Muyenga Hill Road
Food: A limited menu
Open: Daily
Menu: Fried pork, fried chicken, grilled goat meat accompanied with either steamed rice or chips or fried Irish potatoes and will set you back Shs 20,000. Whole deep fried tilapia is Shs 30,000
Damage: Assuming you do not order for fish, a meal for two with drinks will easily cost you Shs 60,000 to Shs70,000
Service: Polite and professional
Ambience: Semi alfresco and idyllic in the evening
Parking: Very secure and available

RATING: Not to be missed, worth a visit, OK/so so, don’t waste your time.
The ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration. The menu listings and prices are subject to change without notice.