In Summary

BEYOND BEAUTY. While some people grow hair for beauty enhancement, others cut it for causes that benefit society.

It is always interesting to compare attitudes relating to the same action, albeit in differ
In a TV report, in a land far and away, somewhere in a Chinese village, a lady was having her very long hair cut short. This was not done as a fashion statement, because women in that part of the world boosted with their long hair. She was actually cutting it to be sold to merchants for a few dollars that would help her and the family to survive tough living conditions.

Irony of hair incidents

Somewhere else, in another land, a lady is seated in a posh salon and enjoying the new hair extensions, coloured to match her hair colour, and who is assuring the stylist how happy and confident she is becoming, with every extension that is added to her hair. I am confident that the lady back in China, who sold her hair, is missing it, but she accepts the bitter reality to save her family.

Although I know that hair grows back, it is still someone’s body part. It might not be as valuable as a kidney or other vital organs, but the fact that you have to sell a part of your body to be able to survive, is very sad.

Saved by hair

But the story of the hair is not always an opportunistic one. One of my good friends has a young daughter (Maya, 10), who had very beautiful long hair that was her pride and joy. A few months back, Maya’s best friend was diagnosed with cancer and as part of the treatment, she went through chemotherapy, this caused total hair loss, and she became bold.

At this point, and as the little patient was adjusting to the new reality, Maya took a drastic step. With the help of an experienced stylist, she cut her hair short and a wig was made to be worn by her friend until her hair grows back.

Everyone who knew how Maya was attached to her long hair, was shocked at this sudden detachment, but at her young age Maya gave a valuable lesson to many.

Another touching story related to hair, is one of faith. While the Baha’i House of Worship in Chicago was being constructed, as early the 1920s, the American Baha’is rushed to secure the expenses of the Mother Temple of North America through selfless contributions. An elderly Baha’i lady who had no earthly wealth to donate, cut her hair and sold it for a few dollars and contributed the amount towards this edifice.

Today, thousands of worshippers and guests, grace the Temple with their visit, prayers are said in a multitude of languages, and the voice of the choir penetrates the heavens on high. It probably does not matter who contributed how much, rather, the spirit with which it was done, even with a lock of hair.