Kampala Hockey Club (KHC) will today break their tradition of visiting Maseno in western Kenya at the beginning of every year to take part in the Amadi Open.
The side has settled for the two-day Alan Bradley Tournament in Kamusinga after considering a host of other tournaments.
“We have two or three targets and I believe we have the capacity to balance them,” KHC Stallions coach Bernard Bwire, said.
Despite six trips to Maseno in six years, the men’s side never won that competition with one runner’s up slot and two semis to show in the last three years.
Last year ended in anti-climax as the side failed to add any silverware to their trophy cabin. The aim will be to quickly put that ill-luck behind them in Kamusinga. “First, we must believe it is possible to win the tournament and attain the much needed experience and exposure. But even more importantly, we have young players to bed into the team for a long season ahead.”
Bwire’s young charges consist of seven players from Namilyango College but they are not entirely novices when it comes to playing against Kenyan opposition.
“You will recall that these boys represented Namilyango in the East Africa School Games in Gulu last year,” he explained.
Meanwhile, the ladies’ captain Margaret Nassiwa believes they too have the capacity return home with the trophy tomorrow evening. “The last last time we went to Kenya (2016), we returned home with the trophy. So it is realistic to harbor the same hopes,” Nassiwa said.