In Summary

Pulling off a glitzy look. Sequins have for long been the go to fabric for night time glamour. However, this glitzy fabric is fast becoming a street style staple enjoying enviable rotation on the street style circuit. Wondering how these fashionistas manage to make sequins just as exciting during the day as they are at night? You are in luck! This week Hassan Ssentongo delve into the tricks you need to wear sequins during the day

We are most familiar with sequined evening gowns and dresses, but surprisingly, this sparkly fabric can be found in many other shapes such as cool disco jackets, skirts, pants and t-shirts. During the day, especially in our weather here, it’s almost impossible to pull off a head to toe sequined look. Well, because you will be competing with the sun, and the sun always wins! So, it’s best to stick to separates. Let’s see how you can make each piece work.

With skirts, longer hemlines are always the best bet when it comes to functionality. Who wouldn’t love to swing their sparkly long skirt all over? Long skirts also have an easy lady-like effect they bring to the outfit. Unfortunately, our weather might not favour that much shimmer out in the sun. A mini-skirt or at most, a midi-length skirt is the better option. With longer hemlines, you have so many shoe options which include sneakers (yes, sneakers) to add cool edge to your ensemble. However, with shorter hemlines, it’s best to stick to more dainty options such as high heels. Since metallics are considered neutrals, you can pair your sequined skirt with a colourful top.

This is the easiest way to do sequins, and not draw a lot of attention to yourself. Try a loose blouse and pair it with jeans. You can also go for a full on sequined shirt, pair it with pants in a muted colour and high heels.
The trick is always to balance out the shimmering piece with a bit of edge, for example, a pair of sneakers.
Sequined pants are the real deal, since they go with almost anything. Pair your pants with a cool casual top and heeled sandals for a casual-meets-cool look. Here, longer hemlines are the best bet. This shimmering effect draws attention to your leg area, and so if the hemline is too short, you are going to cause unnecessary attention. But, if you are out to show off your beautiful legs, don’t be afraid to wear your sequined shorts. Make your outfit even more interesting by pairing it with a leather biker jacket.

When to wear sequins
Simply put, just like at night, wear sequins to that event where you want to be seen and get noticed. If standing out is what you wish to do, this is the fabric to trust. We are talking picnics, festivals, cool weekend parties and many other events. You can also choose to make your instagram feed cool by wearing a sequined outfit, takeing photos, posting on instagram and then going back to your ordinary life. Everyone does this, so don’t feel an ounce of guilt. Doing sequins during the day is as easy as pairing your sequined piece with something casual.

When in doubt, choose denim or leather to balance out the shimmering effect with that much needed edge.