In Summary

MY STYLE. Gospel artiste Exodus, real name, Timothy Lubega ranks among the best dressed male artistes in Uganda. He keeps his look neat and trendy. ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE caught up with him to find out more about his fashion tricks.

Define your fashion style?
I’m an all-rounder. I have mastered my body and know what complements it. I thank God, I can boldly get away with any style.

What is your best outfit?
A tailor-made perfect fit designer suit that is classy. Not very many men do good here.

How many pairs of suits you own?
I own nine suits.

Your style stands out. Where do you buy your outfits from?
First of all, I acknowledge and bless God for that. I shop mostly when I travel and then get a few from around. Not that all we have here is fake but I’m a diehard of originals.

Why do you shop abroad?
With those places, you get your money’s worth.

How much do you spend on clothes?
Costs vary depending on the brands. So I cannot put a clear figure to that.

What outfit do you prefer?
I love to make a fashion statement. It is always about the occasion.

Your wardrobe must have is...
First, a statement watch then, a statement perfume, a statement pair of shoes and belt. You want to tell a man’s class, mind his scent, look at his wrist, and footwear.

What is your favourite cologne?
Tomford any day. I have used it now for six years and my favourite is Tobacco Vanille.

How much do you buy the cologne?
The prices vary depending on the type, but it normally ranges from $150 to actually $2500 (roughly shs540,000 to shs900,000) like I said depending on the type.

The most expensive item in your wardrobe is…?
A number of dear brand watches but my Hublot La Ferrari (limited edition) is. It is offered when you buy a Ferrari.

So you own a Ferrari?
No, but the watch is a gift from a dear friend who owns one. It is expensive and treasurable.

How much do you think this watch costs?
For security reasons, let’s skip that.

What do you consider while shopping?
Originality and my money’s worth.

How many times do you shop in a year?
Being a prominent artiste is demanding. One cannot recycle clothes. Whenever I travel, I must acquire something for my wardrobe. If I travel six times a year, I shop six times.

When did you spend the most?
It was last year around July when he had travelled to Italy and South Africa. I spent Shs39.5mon both.

When do you visit the barbershop?
Once a week.

Where is that?
I’m so particular when it comes to grooming . I follow my hairdresser wherever he goes on a particular day. He works for trendy salons such as Sparkles.

How much do you spend on your hair in a month?
I spend between Shs150,000 to Shs200,000 a month.

What is your favourite hairstyle?
I’m so adventurous, so I change occasionally.

And what trend do you love the most?
I’m not into trends because with trends come a lot of fakes, so you may not differentiate real from fake.

What is your wellness routine?
Massage once a month. But gym, swimming and steambath are a must.

What do you consider as a healthy diet for a man?
Three meals a day, have small portions on time. Vegetables and fruits are important at every meal.

Your fashion tips to modern youth:
• Work out to keep in shape.
• Eat right, and keep clean.
• Work hard and trust God.