Allow me respond to the story, “Our gang meetings are facilitated, guarded by police - suspect tells Kayihura.” It is appalling that this story comes after many public comments by officers within the police and most importantly from the President.
Police officers such as Mohammed Kirumira have on record and not once or twice, voiced displeasure to the fact that some police officers offer protection to the criminals.
Kirumira even offered to resign from the Force if the matter was not addressed. It will be interesting to investigate whether Kirumira’s current area of assignment is one of the places facing criminal gangs.

During the last elections, the police created ‘super security community structures’ such as crime preventers.
With millions of crime preventers recruited, according to press reports, it would give each crime preventer about seven households. How have we descended to a level that criminal gangs pass through villages and urban communities, throwing some threatening letters and these crime preventers are not able to detect this?
How come that the police does not create high surveillance in areas where these letters have been dropped?
What is the response of the police when called while the criminal gangs are conducting their activities following the act of dropping these letters?

President Museveni, during the visit to the slain AIGP Kaweesi’s family, told IGP Kayihura to clean up the Force of criminals that have infiltrated it.
Now is the time for the President to either demand a clean-up plan from the IGP or commission an inquiry into the police force.
It is also the time that our leaders elected to Parliament, local governments as well as religious leaders called the police to order and demanded for explanation regarding their alleged dealing with criminal gangs.
It may be the time that each victim of the criminal brutality seeks legal redress from the police and Attorney General over their failure to protect them but instead allegedly deal with gangs.
It may just be the right time to deal with every officer who is involved with gangs.

Paul Mayende,