Is it true that saunas cause impotence?

Dear Christine,
About a third of infertility problems in couples are caused by a fertility problem with a male partner, with the main cause being low sperm count. The testes are held away from the main body since better sperm yields are achieved at a temperature lower than that of the body.
Saunas are known to heat the testes, killing sperms apart from lowering sperm counts and affecting sperm motility. In normal couples, saunas may cause these effects which recover within six months since sperms take about three months to mature. However, continued regular use of saunas is likely to cause a more pronounced effect even in those who were originally without a problem.
Those with fertility problems should avoid saunas as their fertility problems are likely to be compounded or increased by the high temperatures.
So, whereas men with normal fertility are less likely to be affected by use of saunas once in a while, it is advised that anybody trying to make a woman pregnant should avoid routine use of the sauna.
Saunas may affect sperm quantity and quality but not erections in men to cause impotence problems.