In Summary

Social security. While some people take pleasure in social media, others are afraid to express themselves because there are people who illegally access their accounts . How safe are social networks?

It is a fact that the number of social media users is on a steep rise, at the same time, a multitude of warnings in all shapes and forms are being spread among the users, to be extremely cautious about what they post online.
While most of these warnings are true and have valid reasons, some are exaggerated and a few, false. By now, even people who recently joined such forums, know for sure that there are no secrets on the internet. If you post a status, a video or photo, even if you restrict them to your own friends, there is always a chance that it might be seen by others, in fact we now know that anyone, and everyone can be spied upon, even watched through one’s own camera when totally unaware.

Online privacy?
So, if you know that, taking steps to make sure you don’t become a victim of unscrupulous conmen/women is very important. My question is: why would anyone post pictures online in compromising situations and expect it to remain a secret?
I know many stories of ordinary situations, gone wrong. one such case was in a country where the tradition of Hijab (covering the head with a scarf) forbids girls from showing their hair in public, they are also not allowed to have a relationship with a man, if they are not officially engaged.
Sometimes these girls send their pictures without the head scarf to a potential groom hoping they will find the man of their dreams, and if he turns out to be a nasty one, he can blackmail her with publishing them. Such scenarios, do not have a good ending.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine shared a similar sad story that happened to her neighbor’s daughter. It seems that her picture went in the wrong hands and it landed in her brother’s phone, according to the brother, there was no other way to wash away this shame but to kill his sister, and in one day, the family lost two of their children.

What is Facebook for?
From real stories, to exaggerated ones, I saw a warning circulating on Facebook to people not to publish their happy moments, their lunches, dinners, vacations, pictures of their children, the reason was given that people will give you a bad (evil) eye, they will become jealous and hate you instead of liking you. My question is: if we are not supposed to publish any of the above what is Facebook for?
Is it only for sharing food recipes and songs?

You could access it all
And while everyone is getting busier by the day and can’t catch up with his/her friends all over the world on regular basis, what is the problem with getting updates of their news through a mutual forum where it is up to you to go through pictures or not, like or not, comment or choose to remain silent?

There’s hope
At the end of the day, there will always be unhappy people, there will be ones who will take advantage, and others who will genuinely love you and follow your news, this, will make the effort a worthwhile one!