God created Mary destined to be the Only Holy Mother of Jesus Christ, who was protected by Joseph of Nazareth the carpenter.

God the Father, who is the manager and controller of everything that lives on Earth, in heaven and under the world and everywhere, had no plan of giving Mary another child nor children because this would be violating her virginity and contradicting the prophetic message of her perpetual virginity. Reference is made to Isaiah 7:14
It is ipso facto true and valid to conclude that the Blessed Virgin Mary had no other son nor daughter save Jesus. Anyone who attempts to dupe the world that the Blessed Virgin Mary had other children with Joseph would not only be misleading in information, but a first class liar, who should not be trusted or given time to analyse his or her thoughts.

Jesus alone called his brothers and sisters and mothers, those who hear the Word of God and follow it.

Was Jesus contradicting those who force the blessed Virgin Mary other children or was he fooling his listeners? There is no lie in Jesus Christ’s Words and deeds, He is the Truth and the Whole Truth Always and everywhere.

The Blessed Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus, nurtured Him, helped Him to grow, accompanied Him in the missionary activities for three years and followed Him in his passion, suffering, crucifixion and burial as a responsible and caring loving Mother. This is why before Jesus death had to give Mary the Responsibility of Mother to all of creation when he said that Mother hear John your son, and to John hear is Mother and he gave his last breath.
The Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived without original sin, born with no sin, grew without sin, and produced Jesus without losing her virginity under the help of the Holy Spirit. God who is all powerful, all good and all omniscient willed and actuated time and space that Mary, the daughter of Joachim and Anna, exist without original sin and live as a Blessed Virgin Mary after giving birth to Jesus and forever.
Mary was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit Mt.1:20 and the child to be born was given the name Jesus, which means Emmanuel God is with us. This was earlier prophesied Is 7:14.

For Mary to produce Jesus was a perfect cooperation with God and response with humility to accept to be the Mother of God Jesus which means Emmanuel God is with us. Mary’s response indicated that she was highly favoured among all women, a human being becoming the Mother of God who created her.
Mary could not become the Mother of God and the mother of other sons and daughters. She was only the Mother of Jesus Christ. This is why Jesus made her the spiritual Mother of all Human beings who follow His teachings, which leads to Eternal Home, Heaven the Place of Eternal Peace, Happiness and Joy.

Pail Kabishanga,