Kifumbira Zone one is located in Kamwokya. Deo Mugabo, the area chairman, says the zone sits on four acres of land and has a population of about 4,000 people. Most of the residents are low income earners and unemployed.
The area is largely slummy with small mad and brick houses. Dirty trenches filled with empty bottles, buveras and gabbage are the first thing you will encounter in this area.

According to 66-year-old Angella Kaitesi, who has lived in the area for the last 40 years, the name was coined by residents after a number of Bafumbira occupied the area.
A man moved from Kisoro District and settled in the area. Within a short period of time, many of his family members and other Bafumbira had followed him,” she says.
Kaitesi says the area has gradually grown into a busy business centre and didn’t have the kind of population it has now.

Economic activities
The densely populated Kifumbira Zone has no space for big businesses and is basically a residential area. Still, the place has some small scale businesses, especially chapatti stalls. Another booming business here is the sale of charcoal. As you walk around, you will encounter a number of trucks loading and offloading charcoal at different points. There are also a number of salons and video libraries, bars and small retail shops, which seem to employ a number of people.

The area is insecure due to a number of reasons. According to Mugabo, since most of the residents are unemployed and cannot afford taking their children to school, most of these teenagers loiter the streets and end up becoming pickpockets. “Most youth were hawkers. Due to KCCA’s operations to rid the streets of hawkers, most were rendered jobless. They therefore roam the streets looking for means of survival and unfortunately most end up becoming thieves,” Mugabo says.

Rent and Land
According to the chairman, the zone has only one plot of land left for sale at around Shs300m. A five-room house sells at Shs35m while a 10-room house goes for Shs70m. However, the prices can go lower depending on one’s bargaining power. Rent prices range between Shs120,000 and Shs100, 000 for a one-bedroom house.

Recreation centres
Mugabo says the area is overpopulated with no room to build recreation centres. “Residents instead go to nearby centres in Kamwokya, Bukoto and Ntinda.”

You will barely see a tarmac road in Kifumbira. All roads are dusty with a number of potholes.