In Summary
  • Rukungiri Diocese should play a fundamental role in rejuvenating the glory of its first born.

It was surprising to learn that Makobore High, a school with a name of a great historical king, a school with a great history in academic excellence in Rukungiri and Uganda at large had been turned into a mixed school. I think it is a mistake and an oversight. I am glad that decision was eventually over turned. This can’t control the re-occurrence of strikes at the school. It is like treating a patient without diagnosing the causes of the sickness.
After reading the article in Daily Monitor of January 24 titled, “Makobore High School to admit girls”, as an old student, I was shocked.

I asked myself many questions like; who are these leaders making such a change? Do they know the history of this first and oldest boys’ school in Rukungiri District? Were enough consultations made before this decision was arrived at?
Was there a representative of the alumni on any governing body? I decided to visit my beloved school, the school I am very proud of to the extent that I even named my first born Makobore. I started my journey from Rubirizi District via Ishaka-kitagata road then joined another road they told me is now called Kiiza Besigye Road up to Rukungiri Town.

In a few minutes, I was climbing Kinyasano Hill eagerly waiting to see the shiny roofing of various buildings of the school.
At Kinyasano Cathedral, I tried to look through the car window but couldn’t see them as was the case 30 years ago. There was a school gate which wasn’t the case during my time. It was wide open and not even manned. I could not trace the track that would lead me to my Tanzania dormitory. The tracks used to make the school look well-designed. Shockingly, the so called gate was not even manned and was wide open. For the few minutes I spent there, I found out that the pride of Makobore High school is no more. The school structures are in a sorry state, there are banana plantations almost everywhere even near the dormitories, the fence and the trees that used to make the school look beautiful were all cut down and not replaced, one of the classroom turned into someone’s residence, etc.

I wondered why the founding body and government could leave such an institute that has groomed very many prominent men both in government and private sector like that. It’s not too late to restore the glory and pride of our school. I am therefore suggesting that we give it another chance by exhibiting total commitment from all stakeholders towards finding appropriate solutions to the problems that have made the image of this memorable school dwindle.
Rukungiri Diocese should play a fundamental role in rejuvenating the glory of its first born.
Let there be continuous mobilisation. Let Old Boys come in and give a hand. Together we can create a sustainable future for Makobore High School.
Yonasani Mwebaze,