We got to the office one day to find a new young man loitering in the boss’ office. He spent the entire first day in that office. They even had lunch and left together in the evening. The second day was the same. Since the boss did not bother to introduce him to us, we all started creating fantastic ideas of who he was.

Yes, we are used to having people come in, do whatever brought them, and leave quietly, consultants mostly. At least some one always knows who these fellas are, because they report to a particular person, or department. And you can see them doing work. Not this fella though.

After the first two days, he moved into the MD’s office. Then we all thought he was the new MD. But it turned out he was not, he was never introduced as such. We thought all that time he spent ‘working’ on his laptop was actually work until the tea girl told us that every time she went into the MD’s office, she found him watching movies. But that didn’t raise many eyebrows since none of us knew what he was supposed to be actually doing. There was general consensus though that he was of high importance to the boss lady.

We would have gone on in this guesswork indefinitely hadn’t the assistant HR told us, laughing loudly that that of course the ‘boy is the boss’s boy’. But the boss was not old enough to have a son that old. So he was the boss’ lover, right? None of us wanted to believe that, although it beats me why. Perhaps he was, but what was he doing at the office every day? Was the boss mixing business and pleasure? This was not like her; she kept her private life very separate from her work. But Miss Assistant HR simply laughed and walked away.

With this insight, things started becoming obvious. Like the way he walked into her office anytime, and she would interrupt whatever was going on just so he could ask some mundane question. Or, the way her face always lit up when she talked to him. And how they always left together... It had just been three days, but already, if you wanted to see the omens, they were right there.

The argument was eventually settled by another of my workmates. This man decidedly does not see what does not concern him. Shaking his head sadly, as if wondering what was wrong with all of us, he told us that first, the company and everything therein belonged to the lady. Second, she was a human being and she had a right to love whoever she wanted, - if indeed he was her lover, and she did not need our approval. Third, she had not asked us for our opinion before inviting the young man to start using the office, so why were we all worked up. It is not like she had asked us to babysit him.
Then finally, he rebuked us for gossiping like a bunch of old ladies with nothing better to do, wasting time discussing how old he was, and how older than him she was; had she ever asked us who we dated?
No, indeed she had not. Feeling like admonished children, we stopped discussing it when this man was around. Thankfully, two days later, the young man vanished as suddenly as he had appeared, and we shall never know for sure who he was because, first, none of us has the guts to ask, and secondly it is none of our goddamn business.