Bashir ‘Badu’ Ansasira has taken over the Uganda Cricket Association reins at a very critical period with the country deep in the thick of preparations for the ICC World Cricket League Division III.

However, the Nile Cricket Club man is ready to make every moment of his term count and has laid down targets, for the first 100 days, to streamline a plan that will see his board “work with everyone in order to create a difference in our cricket.”

His first decision in Saturday’s elective assembly, moments before he gave his acceptance speech, saw him overrule legal opinions to enforce a vote that left Tornado relegated after a standoff that had dragged since last year.

The assembly also instructed the incoming board to appoint new auditors for the association after George Ndiko from GN & Associates, was shown the exit.

“By the end of the month we should have a new auditor,” Ansasira promised before delving in his plan that he has divided into three segments namely; constructive interaction, coordinated working relationships with trustees, board and secretariat – and financial transparency.

But his power will not only be executed in the boardroom as there is a lot to take care of on the field of play.

“I am supposed to meet the national team and ensure they share their work plan so we can solicit for support,” he said.

“Meeting them looks like a small thing but it is important for me to have a candid talk with everyone to see that we are on the same page,” he added.
The new board must also appoint a new ladies coach and Coach Steven Tikolo’s contract will end at the turn of the year but Ansasira says it will be a “stupid mistake to lose such a coach. He is crucial for our development but we can’t afford to disorganize the team now, we shall discuss the coach after May.”

He also clarified that he would ensure the ladies’ national team to have a coach that will emphasize development of players while he will also look at UCA’s partnership with Lugogo, Kyambogo and Entebbe cricket grounds.
“I am not saying we don’t get along with Entebbe or Kyambogo but I am looking at ensuring we are all comfortable with our partnerships while we shall also appoint a committee to ensure that we get our own home.”