The ministry of foreign affairs has refuted reports that there’s a planned execution of 23 Ugandans in China over drug trafficking offences.

There has been a list of names of 23 people circulating on social media with claims that the government of China plans to execute them over drug trafficking offences.
However, the Foreign Affairs Ministry in a Monday statement said: “This is to inform the general public that the list that is in circulation is one of Ugandans who were sentenced to death a number of years ago but were granted a 2-year reprieve by the Chinese Courts, which was later reduced from death, to life imprisonment and further to a fixed term.”

Ms Margaret A. Kafeero, the Ag. Head/Public Diplomacy further said in the statement: “We are not at liberty to discuss individual’s circumstances either in the media or in the public domain but would like to emphasize that it is our understanding that the Chinese Government has not scheduled executions of any Ugandan prisoners at this time.”

According to her, the two governments continue to carry out bilateral discussions on various pending cases.
“The information that is circulating regarding the alleged executions is therefore false and we request that out of respect for each other, as well as for the families of those concerned, individuals should exercise restraint and sensitivity when making the decision to circulate unsubstantiated information,” she added.