RUKUNGIRI. Unconfirmed reports indicate that one person has been shot dead while scores of people have been injured at Rukungiri Stadium in Rukungiri. During the standoff, some opposition supporters pelted police with stones. Police responded by firing bullets and tear gas. The supporters dispersed in disarray but later regrouped and more confrontation ensued.

Police had blocked opposition politicians and their supporters led by former presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye, from accessing the stadium where they had planned to hold a rally against the proposed amendment of the presidential age limit.

Dr Besigye was accompanied by Mr Patrick Amuriat, Kampala Lord Mayor, Mr Erias Lukwago and Forum for Democratic Change Chief mobiliser, Ms Ingrid Turinawe.

The group drove to the stadium located in Southern Division at about 2.40pm accompanied by hundreds of supporters from Rukungiri Town but were blocked by police.

Police claim the opposition leaders had not notified them.

Mr Amuriat, aspiring Forum for Democratic Change party president, told police he had a consultative meeting in Rukungiri which argument was rejected by police officers.

Official authorities have not confirmed the killing, however Dr Besigye said one of their supporters had been killed.

"This impunity will not stop our resolve to fight for democracy. We regret that one of our supporters has been killed and several others injured. I appeal to our supporters to keep calm but they should remain strong to get our country liberated," Dr Besigye said.